Friday, July 25, 2008

Kwame, Kwame, Kwame...

Its best not to act like a racist and bad ass when your fate is in other people's hands. I know it must be hard trying to live a normal life, and live a life like how you treated others, but your normal life is over. And its not going to get any better, not for a long while now. Living the thug life under the careful watch of a judge is stupid.

That mansion and the power you used to have, are hard to give up, aren't they? If you step down there goes the funding of at least some city money for your team of thug lawyers. Its interesting to see your sister's home, and know that your whole family made it by moving on up to the big houses on taxpayer money. You couldn't make it as a lawyer, you had to screw over a city, a city that already has been screwed over more than it even knows.

So, now you get to do some of the things normal people have to do. Like pee in front of a person that is going to check what you have done in your private life. Just think, people receiving a free check/ride on taxpayer money via welfare don't even have to do that! How the mighty fall flat. Also, please remember that poor idiots that want to work for a living have to pee in a cup too. Its comforting to recognize that. Make sure you put the cap on tight..

And your comment about the black officer working with a white officer...that was classic! Use the race card, shove people around, pee in a cup! Your future looks kind of bleak, with a yellow streak running through it. Sadly you have no one to blame but yourself, I guess I wont make any yellow snow jokes... but you do fit in with the Democratic Party going to Denver! I see the judge allowed that! They did find a house full of Urine bombs, saved just to throw at all of you Democrat lowlifes...Make sure you wear a raincoat! I guess the Democrat Nutbags want to baptize people.

Is that mansion worth all of this? The blogs on the Detroit News Stations online are all negative for you. Some are downright nasty. You really must of really pee'd in some one's Wheaties, because they are not going to stop until you are in federal prison. Might of been the arrogance you project onto others, like they just aren't good enough to interview Hizzoner. Treat people like poo, end up in the outhouse.

Who is Carmen Slowski, by the way? I guess your massage parlor days are over too..

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