Monday, July 7, 2008

Let's Tax Homeowners for the Zoo!!

Detroit Zoo

Here comes another scam down the pike for the Tri-County area! And of course like the Smart Bus issue, (when you see a Smart Bus notice how many people are on it, if you can see through the tinted windows, because most are EMPTY!) they put it on the Primary Ballot, instead of the General Election in November, because they know people do not turn out in high numbers so its easier to pass this moronic idea.

The Detroit Zoo wants a .1 mill tax, which basically is 10 dollars for every $100,000.00 that your home is worth. That's every year, for 10 years, which of course will then be renewed, I'm sure. So, just for an example, if your home is worth 150K you will pay 15 bucks every year whether you visit the Zoo or not. Times 10.

So, for 150 bucks, you get nothing! Unless of course, you visit the Zoo. Then a family of 4 will get to pay 11 bucks per adult (and note that the Zoo considers a 13 year old an adult!) plus 7 bucks for the children, under age 12, and parking at 5 bucks a car.

If you visit the Zoo, once a decade, the cost for the visit (including the new tax they propose) will be 190 bucks! Now that sounds mighty fair to me! NOT! If you go to the Zoo twice in the decade, it will be 230 bucks! And that's not including any food or souvenirs..

I advocate that if they cant keep the Zoo open by the money they collect at the gates, then it needs to be shut down, and the land sold to the highest bidder. The same applies to every Museum, service and program that doesn't show a profit on its own. Michigan taxpayers are tired of being taxed to death for things that they don't use.

For example, get out your yearly property tax bill and look at it closely. I pay for schools that I don't use, a library that I don't use, Community colleges that I don't use, Smart busing that I don't use, and if we don't stop this new tax, a Zoo that I don't visit. I'm sure there is more in our property taxes that we pay for, but I would have to pull out the bill.

We are taxed too much in Michigan as it is. This new tax will give the Zoo $5,299,640.48 of Michigan overtaxed and one state recession dollars! FOR WHAT? AND THAT FIGURE IS JUST FOR ONE YEAR..TIMES THAT BY 10!

Pay attention Michigan Residents and vote in the primary on August 5. Vote NO! Tell our government NO MORE TAXATION!

Ive said it before and Ill say it again, how can the government justify taxing us for these programs and then charging us to use them? They pay for these programs with OUR money! Then turn around and charge us again if we want to go see the monkeys at the Zoo! Its easier to watch the jackasses in government make a monkey of themselves, a lot more entertaining, and its free!

How about we just close the Zoo, and use the Toledo Zoo, which isnt that far away, and suppose to be much nicer? And if people don't go to visit, they don't have to pay for it!

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