Monday, July 21, 2008

The Elitists are Angry that Seniors dont want to pay School Taxes!

Are you kidding me? These Gated Communities that Seniors seem to love, have to pay NO school taxes? Well, somebody just smack me! I didn't know this!

Its about damn time! Why should seniors with no kids in school have to pay school taxes? In fact why should anyone that has no children in school have to pay school taxes? It looks like finally someone came up with a good idea, and the elitist left, the liberals who feel everyone else should pay their way, don't like it!

Read the articles here and here...

Ive been paying school taxes for over 30 years, and its not a small amount either. And I have no kids in pre-K or K-12 or college, or University. Yet every year, I get the honor of paying for all of that in property taxes, and income taxes, and more. For other people's crumb crunchers to go to school. It gets old, and its not my responsibility anymore.

So, these liberal snobs decided that it is not right that seniors in the Villages in Florida and Phoenix get away with no school taxes. And that is just plain unfair! It doesn't matter that they worked for 45 years, paid school taxes in those years via property taxes and income taxes. Its never enough for our fine feathered enemies on the left. Its just never enough.

They come up with more ways to take our money everyday, and expect the American public to just hand it over. Like it or not. And to shut up about it. They feel that since seniors are getting Social Security and Medicaid, they OWE the people that are now paying taxes to "give back", one way or another. In other words, these senior citizens have not paid enough over their lifetime, and they owe the generation that is coming up a free ride.

Its time to end financing of public schools through taxation. Our children are not getting a good education, they are being indoctrinated. Parents should have to fund their children's schooling, and if they did, they would make sure that they learn, with good teachers, or the parents pull them out. Liberals could send their children to the school that fits them, and conservatives could send their children to a conservative school, without fear of anyone brainwashing our kids. Superior teachers would be rewarded, and bad teachers would be fired.

Its time that we get back to the days when we only paid for what we use. Its pathetic that if you want to place your children in private school that you still have to pay public school taxes on top of paying tuition.

And for the whiners that say poor people cant pay for their own kids to go to school, there is home schooling. And besides that, don't have kids if you cant afford them. Raising children is not cheap, raising children when someone else has to pay for it is theft.

The only ones making out from public funding of schools are the teachers and Administration. Go to your city school district online and see just how much money they have to work with. Its huge, and when I looked up my Grandson's school district, 88% of all funds went to salaries. The average salary was about 66K, and that is not tenured. That's not much you say? Try working just 180 days a year, about 6 or 7 hours a day, with full benefits and retirement and every holiday off, along with the summer. Half a year of work. HALF A YEAR..and if your tenured, or a University Professor, its much, much higher.

Go ahead..go to your city school district web page and look up the financial statement. Study it! And the next time they cry that they don't get enough money, make sure you show them that page. Go out of you way and find out what the average teacher makes, include benefits and retirement packages.

Then hide your money in your mattress.

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