Monday, July 28, 2008

Cynical? You bet!

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Tired of this crap? Damn straight!

I received a visit today from County Commissioner Ronaele Bowman, and had a nice chat with her. She's very little, seems as kind as could be, but she is a Democrat to the bone. With one exception, which I will get to.

The reason I mention this is because of her newsletter, I learned about the vote to increase our taxes for the Zoo. Ronaele Bowman supports this tax, my arguments were futile. I could maybe go as far as supporting this tax, if the citizens forced to pay, got a free trip to the Zoo. Oh no, cant do that! You get nothing for your money. Not even a special discount for the pleasure of having your money ripped off.

I would much rather give my daughters the tax money and have them take my grandsons to the least I would get something out of it! Ms. Bowman said that it wouldn't help "the poor children" who would not get to experience the Zoo..if people are that poor, unless its a field trip, they are not worried about going to the Zoo. Democrat catch phrase if there ever was one.."for the children" we will tax you for their health care, for their rent, for their food, for everything. Buck up Americans, it does feel good to have to pay twice for everything, doesn't it?

Cobo Hall expansion on taxpayer money? Yes, Ms. Bowman supports it. Yikes! I'm getting the feeling that anything Detroit owns, and runs, is okay for the rest of us to finance, no matter if it ever sees any money in the black. They run in the red precisely because of government, and they always will. There is no incentive to make it profitable.

Have you ever heard the stupid commercials that Jeff Daniels does? He talks about a business moving to Michigan and getting 2 MILLION Michigan tax dollars to start it up! Go to that link and see the happy face of Jennifer Baird, President & CEO, Accuri Cytometers, Inc. She's very happy, shes the one that got 2 Million bucks of YOUR money! Are they spending it on stem cell research? How nice is that? Well, my question to Ms. Bowman was, once the company is on its feet, does it have to pay it back? Oh No! That's their gift, from Michigan taxpayers and existing Michigan businesses struggling now to stay open, its a GIFT! A GIFT, folks! Lets all get in on this gravy train! Lets open up a business, compliments of your neighbors!

I was then informed that its for jobs. This is the way Democrats try to bring jobs to our state. Not low or NO Michigan Business Tax, like most of the rest of the states. Ask a few businesses, like Bronners in Frankenmuth, how the new business tax affected them. It multiplied their tax base by 6. BY 6! How sad would that be to see them close up and leave Michigan? They actually pay taxes and contribute to society in such a wonderful way, and we are worried about a Zoo. Priorities in Michigan are backwards!

And how pathetic that their taxation goes to give free money to another company? Does anyone see anything wrong here? And then I was told that they lost a VW plant to Tennessee! How sad is that!? VW should of jumped on those free millions, in this state that produces our very own AMERICAN car companies! GM, Ford, and Chrysler could of had the honor to pay their taxes to open up a competitor's plant in their own backyard! What a slap in the face! Support Germany, the Michigan way! Geez, my head is about to bust!

I then asked Ms. Bowman if she supported the re-writing of the Michigan Constitution, and to her credit, she said NO, it was all about redistricting and keeping Democrats in office for eternity, or until this state collapses, which might not be too far away. I was happily surprised at her answer here.

But as a conservative Republican, I don't want to pay for cheap tickets to get into the Zoo. I want to pay for a product or service that I use. Charge the price at the gate that insures you will stay open, or close the door, sell the animals and the land, or just sell the whole thing to a private business that would run it as such. Don't put it on our tax rolls.

You cant just take, and take, and take. What is next? What will we be forced to pay for next? Lets start selective voting, in full view with no secret ballots. If you vote to fund the Zoo, YOU fund it. If you vote to fund Cobo, YOU fund it. You write the check..

Maybe I need to do a post about how to write a check. Maybe then when you have a program that really appeals to you, having to take the money out of your own pocket would give you pause to think twice.

Tax and Spend. Then tax some more..then spend much more than you taxed, and then repeat. That's Michigan! The land of the hand is now the land of the hand out.

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