Monday, July 21, 2008

People Who Have More, Should Pay More!

"Supporting it with a property tax allows those who have more to give more." posted by anonymous..

And that statement is what scares the living daylight out of me. Is it the keyword "give" because taxing and taking money by force is not giving? We must not take enough from the rich, or middle class, we must "allow" the government to take more unjust taxation from us. But any property tax applied to homeowners does not just hit the rich and middle class, it hits the poor and senior citizens too. They own homes too.

Living in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, we have people that actually believe that people who have more, should pay more. Redistribution of wealth is so unfair in every way, yet more and more Americans support it. One might say its not fair that your neighbor has more than you, but somebody else has more than him. Life is not fair, but that doesn't make you entitled to anything that someone else worked for and achieved. Entitlements are killing this country, and going to the Zoo is not an entitlement. Its a luxury. Its not a need, its a want. No one will die if they cant go to the Zoo.

Any form of taxation should be fought like they did with the Boston Tea Party. We are being nickle and dime'd to death. We are placing no priorities on anything, because people feel they have a right to go to these events and places for a cheap price. But the price is not cheap. It is just added to already huge tax bills placed on property.

This does not hurt the rich, they can afford it already. It hurts the people living paycheck to paycheck, and there are a lot of people living this way in Michigan right now. We are debating this over a Zoo! Not whether a baby has formula, or a roof over his head in winter. Whatever happened to making a business profitable to stand on its own? Why does everything have to be bailed out by the taxpayer? Never to paid back? Not even a free visit for the money?

Actually, now here's an idea! Why doesn't the Zoo do a fundraiser on PBS asking for donations? Kind of like the Jerry Lewis Telethon, and the ones that want to donate can, and the ones that think its so valuable can give a huge donation. Sort of like putting your own money where your mouth is. And leaving mine alone.

Most families left in Michigan are trying to keep up with the basic necessities of life, you know, like food, and mortgage payments, and gas, and putting clothes on their own children. The very bottom of that list is any more taxes, no matter what its for.

Enough is enough. Why is that so hard to see?

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