Monday, July 7, 2008

The Corruption in Detroit Continues..

Al Sharpton, Monica Conyers, and Kwame Kilpatrick

Gateway Pundit tells the story of Monica Conyers, the Shrek screaming nutcase on the Detroit City Council. It looks like Monica Conyers has been caught with her hands in the cookie jar, allegedly. Now does that surprise you? It sure doesn't surprise me!

And then when she talks to the press, she says this..

"I'm not feeling well right now," she said in a brief telephone interview. "When I get back to work, I'll get back to work."

How arrogant, and as usual, how typical of politicians trying to save their rear ends when it comes out that they haven't been upfront, truthful, and representing the people. Just like Kwame and Beatty, and many more, they represent themselves, enriching their own lives as much as they can, as much as they can get away with, before they are voted out.

Much like Kwame's Mommy did, I am waiting for the Congressman Conyers to come out screaming that we need to protect his wife, and not let the bad things she may have done take down his wife! Like Kwame, she is much too valuable to society to dump her, and whatever money she has supposedly stolen from the taxpayers is just the cost of doing business in Detroit, my friends.

Now shut up, and go back to work. We need more of your taxpayer dollars to support these cheats and schemers.

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