Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Trouble for Granholm and Cherry?

Seems some of the funding for the Reform Michigan Government Now campaign to destroy the Michigan Constitution has come from the Governor herself. Right behind her is the Lt. Governor who also seems to have his dirty hands in this. People have been actively wondering who was behind this monstrosity of legal mumbo jumbo and seems we may be about to find out.

No wonder the Governor has been too busy trying to stay out of the Detroit mess! She has a mess of her own to clean up. Seems these dirty Democrats may have been teamed up with gay millionaire John Stryker to turn this state into a Democratic stronghold for decades to come, by trying to alter the state Constitution with sleazy legislation that no one understood, but many stupid people signed anyway!

Right Michigan.com has wrote extensively on it, and its a very good read. Seems in the cross hairs of the Democrats was a very qualified Judge, Chief Justice Cliff Taylor, and the goal of one of the proposals was to eliminate some Michigan judges, and this judge was one that they want out of there.

Its curious, to say the least, why they would attempt to do this. Did anyone that signed the document that folded out like a road map, (which they super simplify here, but what did they leave out?) even care what was in it?

The ones that I found interesting were these..
Allow no-reason absentee voting
Now that would allow so much voter fraud inside the city halls of Michigan, that I cant even imagine how long it would take for a Republican to win another election in Michigan again.
Add 10 judges to the lower courts and reduce the number of Supreme Court Justices from seven to five justices and the Court of Appeals from 28 to 21 judges
When you cant get rid of the Chief Justice, legislate it to do the dirty deed!

How can we expect to ever have a fair election in this state with people like these in the highest offices of Michigan? Like Kwame Kilpatrick, these elected officials are all lawyers, and they did an awful job on this one! It looks like the document will never see the light of day on Michigan voting machines. But why would these people risk so much?

They had to know that if this came out, and failed, (which both have happened with more to come) and the truth of who is behind it was revealed, this could hand the Republicans a golden opportunity for a long time. With the scandals in Detroit with Hizzoner and his pals on City Council, the huge raises in taxes, and now a scandal of a Governor and her Lt Governor trying to change the rules of the state in the shadows?

Canada should come and take their village idiot back..

Republicans should be using this information in their campaigns and go on to victory. For. Decades.

What slimy, nasty people we have in government. Had enough yet, Michigan residents?

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