Sunday, July 27, 2008

No to the Zoo Tax! Vote August 5 to stop the madness!

I spent some time today, researching what the average homeowner in the Wayne County area pays in property taxes. I used an average figure of $ 125k to 130k in several different cities. I tried to keep the price right around what an average buyer can afford, more or less. In every city, except Detroit, taxes on these homes were approximately $2,500 a year.

That alone is 200+ per month to live in their home, not including mortgage payment and insurance. Pretty taxing already on a young family starting out, and especially on senior citizens who are on a fixed small income as it is..

Here is my list, along with the addresses available for sale on MLS.
Garden City-121 Gilman $2,588 per year. (215 per month in tax!)
Dearborn-7747 Miller $2,571 per year. (215 per month in tax!)
Detroit-18434 Lauder $2,030 per year. (169 per month in tax!)
Canton-4249 Hunter Circle $2,828 per year, not including monthly condo fees.
Westland-400 Forrest $2,308 per year. (192 per month tax!)
Plymouth-11845 Sycamore Dr. $2,162 per year, not including monthly condo fees.
Harper Woods-21231 Kenmore $3,392 per year. (281 per month in tax!)

Now assuming that most people have a value of more than this (not that they paid this much, but lived there long enough for it to increase in value) its pretty safe to say that we already pay enough in property taxes. No matter what else comes along, property owners DO NOT want to pay anymore, we actually want them to go down.

I wont bother posting the taxation of real property on a 200,000 or 300,000 worth of homes, that might shock you to see what they pay for that. I know some would say they can afford more taxation anyway, but...oh what the heck! Lets post some 300k homes and what level of taxation they have to bear!

Canton-41791 Singh Dr $5,647 per year. (470 bucks a month in tax to live here!)
Grosse Pointe-17449 Maumee $5,484 per year. (457 bucks a month in tax to live here!)
Livonia-33885 Trillium Ct. $5,337 per year. (444 bucks a month in tax to live here!)
Flat Rock-28050 Regency Dr. $7,387 per year. (615 bucks a month in tax to live here!)

Many more properties could be looked up at
so all you pro taxation for the Zoo people can see that we are hardly undertaxed and very much overtaxed and its time to start saying NO. No to you Zoo people, No to the Governor, No to the Cities and Counties, and No to the State!

Dont make people have to lose their homes anymore than they are already! The "Say Yes to the Zoo" people claim that millions tour the Zoo every year! Raise the rate at the gate! Raise the parking fee a buck! Leave homeowners alone. I pray that residents VOTE on August 5, 2008 and say NO. Say it loud and clear, because they plan to put it back on the ballot in November if it fails! Pesky little tax and spend people that they are!

Its no wonder that the moving vans are heading out, and so many empty foreclosed homes here. THERE'S A REASON FOR THAT! No jobs, hard times, too many gosh damn taxes!

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