Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A few more Comments...

I note that I received a response from Jen Baird about my post yesterday, if true its good to see that any monies given to a business has to be paid back. But it does appear that the State is guaranteeing these loans. The information that I received from our temporary County Commissioner appears to be untrue. I am grateful for that, but why the State has gotten in between a lender and a business, is beyond me.

I don't begrudge this specific business any success, I hope they are successful. I just wonder why the state doesn't eliminate the Business tax to get more businesses to flock here and prosper.

And the jobs that Ms. Baird specifically cites are specialty jobs, perfect for the Ann Arbor area. This is not what the average Joe in Michigan could do well at. Congratulations at any success you may achieve Ms. Baird, but the Life Science job mart that the Gov wants is not what the people of Michigan want or that the majority could do.

In Canada, there is a race for high paying jobs going on. Bet my readers didn't know that, did you? People from all over Canada are moving to Alberta. Receiving high paying jobs, and even sign up bonuses if they stay for two years. My sister in law's nephew is there, living the life of Riley, as she put it, making so much money he doesn't know what to do with himself.

Because Canada is doing the jobs that American politicians refuse to let us do. They are drilling for OIL! And paying the people willing to do them very well. As long as you are willing to work hard, and show up every day, at the end of the week you get rewarded with a big fat paycheck.

You don't need a 4 or 6 year education, to create jobs that would attract the masses, and not a small amount of workers either. Highly skilled workers are not necessary. These jobs help feed families of everyone willing to work. These are the kind of jobs and companies we need. Check out what is happening in Canada, because Canadians are talking non-stop about it. I should know, my husband is Canadian, and he's the one who told me about it. Here is the website, showing how successful it is and what we should be doing..

So, thank you Ms. Baird for noticing this small blog and correcting the mistakes. Hand outs are not what Michigan residents ever want to see.

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