Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Was Just Kidding! Say It Isnt So!

Updated by Anonymous: Steve Beren Responds to McDermott's "Gas Stamps" Bill

I was just joking around when I said that the next welfare program coming down the pike will soon have the government passing out Gas Stamps, similar to food stamps, and that soon the working American public would get to pay for this! I was really just kidding, and I never thought that the chumps in Washington that are responsible for these gas prices would actually do something so stupid!

Read the whole thing here..

“Rep. Jim McDermott
(D-WA), chairman of the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Income Security and
Family Support, introduced legislation today to provide financial assistance to
vulnerable Americans struggling to survive under crushing gasoline prices.”

“The Emergency Gasoline Assistance Act (H.R. 6561) would create a
program to provide $5 billion to states as a one-time grant with the money
designated to provide assistance to families of modest means to purchase
gasoline. This program could provide every family that is currently living below
the federal poverty threshold with $500 in assistance. State governors would
have the flexibility to use the money to create programs that target the
specific needs of their communities.”

Oh. My. God.
Taxpayers that actually work will now get the honor of paying for your neighbor's gas too! Great! We can give free gas to the little people to get them to the Zoo that they want to fund also!

I guess this little "redistribution of wealth" is easier than making us show our income tax forms and bank statements at the gas pump to decide which Americans get to pay more. I guess that would prevent a lot of fights at the pump when one American gets to pay 5 bucks a gallon, and your neighbor gets it free.

Pretty soon, no one will work for a living, since its getting very profitable to live off the government, and more and more every day! These freebies are looking mighty tempting to people working their rear ends off to thoroughly support others. We already supply free food, mortgage and rent payments, cars, (yes, cars! look it up!)child care, schooling, baby formula and everything else, how nice it would be to get some of those freebies ourselves! Our paychecks are getting smaller and smaller because were forced to pay high taxes to support others. That's getting pretty old. Its time to get on the dole. Its easier, and the benefits are great! SocialismRus!

Lets all jump on the bandwagon..the ride is worth it!

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