Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Why Would Jimmy Hoffa change his mind on drilling in ANWAR?

This information comes to me from The Warroom, or better known as Quinn and Rose in the morning. If you have never heard of, or listened to Quinn and Rose, you need to. They have a sample of their show on their web page.

Why would Hoffa change his mind about drilling in ANWAR? Yes, the Union head, actually was contacted by Democrats to change his mind on drilling..he said he will look into the matter and give his opinion on drilling in 4 months, which by the way, puts the election behind us.

At which time he can change his mind again.

Now why would he do that? Because the Democrats are under pressure to drill, and they actually want to drill. YES! They do!

Democrats would be the hero's to the American people backed up by a Democratic President. They would get all the credit for easing Americans pain at the pump. That could lead to winning elections for a long time.

But what they promised ol' Jimmy Hoffa to back off for 4 months is...union and government jobs, as they nationalize oil production. They will not allow oil companies to drill, they will do it themselves and control it completely. They will open up ANWAR and create a government company to do it. They will just take it over, like Hugo Chavez did.

Good job Jimmy Hoffa..sell your soul for the government . Chump!

Jimmy Hoffa and the Teamsters endorse Barack Hussein Obama...Of course they do.

From the Village Voice:

Hoffa gave a late and half-hearted endorsement to Al Gore in 2000. But by Labor Day 2001, Bush and Hoffa were chummy enough for the president to chow down some ribs at a big Teamsters Labor Day barbecue in Michigan. There, Bush praised the union leader, who was helping lobby Congress for a pet GOP project to allow oil drilling in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

From RightWingNews:

But then, Hannity is repeatedly at odds with reality in this chapter, stating that ANWR oil would make the United States "far less dependent on foreign oil" and noting Teamsters president Jimmy Hoffa Jr.'s assertion that drilling would create 735,000 jobs. A Miami Herald article citing data from the USGS, the Department of Energy and the Congressional Research Service, however, stated that, at its peak, ANWR would produce less than 5 percent of daily U.S. oil consumption and create between 60,000 and 130,000 new jobs. Yet Hannity, in typical style, uses these falsehoods to make the broad claim that "it is difficult to point to another issue in modern American history where a major political party's rhetoric is so divorced from reality."
Considering that we only get 10.1% of our oil from Saudi Arabia and Iraq which are our two most unstable suppliers, being able to produce 5% more of our oil domestically would make us "far less dependent of foreign oil." Furthermore, if Jimmy Hoffa's claims conflict with the claims of the Miami Herald, why does that make the claim Hannity cites, "a falsehood" and the claim Spinsanity cites correct?

That's a whole lot of Teamster jobs, isn't it? Run by and paid by the government, with all the benefits that come with it, and all the control over the oil pumped. Oil companies would be eventually put out of business, like in Venezuela, because the liberals and government would own it. This is some scary stuff!

Now I know that the Teamsters and unions in general are losing members left and right, and Hoffa knows that more than anyone. But those union member dues are dying out, and what better way to recapture them, then by teaming up with Liberals in government to screw the nation?

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