Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Well, how the powerful fall, and the looks on their faces as it happens. This disgraceful duo have made the big time, and now the whole world knows it. Its been on Fox News and the other worthless Cable News Channels, all over the internet, all over the local news stations (love Steve Wilson!! You rock Steve!) and you cant forget talk radio!

12 counts handed down, and some scary prison time, should they be found guilty of just one of them. The 3 Detroit Policemen that lost almost everything, for only doing their job, must be snickering every time they watch the News. I guess the only 2 people that are not, are the 2 strippers that cant even breathe anymore.

How the mighty fall, and how the arrogance, and the nastiness disappear while trying to save their own lives from ruin. Funny how they didnt think about the families of the policemen that were only trying to save their lives from ruin. The 2 strippers didnt do anything to deserve their fate, but the Mayor and Ms Beatty? Do they deserve what they have coming?

I would be scared out of my mind over this. The above picture of Ms Beatty shows that she looks pretty frightened. The possibility of 15 years or more in a Federal Pen would make anyone scared. Felonies on your record for life? Not good.

And did anyone get a whiff of the Mayor's new lawyer? Stinky...his whole argument is that the Mayor did this dirty deed in a civil trial, and not a criminal trial, so perjury should be excused? Damn, what a waste of money this guy is going to cost.

And throwing out the text messages? Hah! Someone believes in the Tooth Fairy, too! Maybe if you postpone the trial long enough you can visit Santa and tell him that you want that under your tree for Christmas.


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