Monday, March 24, 2008

Detroit Mayor to face the Music!

Mayor Kilpatrick and Christine Beatty had promising careers. And like too many politicians, they thought they were above the law. Today, they found out they were not. 12 counts including perjury and obstruction of justice, brought by Ms Kim Worthy and the Wayne County Prosecutor's office, were brought forward today, ending the speculation that the Mayor and his attorneys would get Ms. Worthy to back off.

Many had mentioned that the Prosecutor would back down. Targeting the Mayor of Detroit could be a very threatening option. Some wondered if she had the strength to do it. Ms.Worthy proved today that she wont be pushed around by anyone. I am pleasantly surprised that Ms. Worthy did what she had to do, and didn't cower to the administration.

What seemed to be so obvious to the general public was that the Mayor and Ms Beatty lied about an affair under oath. What also was clear is that 3 innocent policemen paid the ultimate price in order for the Mayor to cover up a party at the Monoogian Mansion, and the death of 2 strippers that allegedly performed there.

Will the Mayor step down, now that he is facing felony charges? I doubt it, he is too arrogant. Will the State of Michigan be forced to pay for his Attorney costs, now that he is going to trial? I sure hope not. And will we get to see the pictures tomorrow morning, of Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and Ms. Christine Beatty being booked into jail? That's the least the citizens of Michigan should be able to see.

Congratulations, Mayor. Job well done. You will now go down in history as the most arrogant and crooked politician in Michigan.

Congratulations to Kim Worthy, for being a strong Wayne County Prosecutor, and one class act! Your courage and strength is an example for everyone.

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