Thursday, March 20, 2008

Had Enough, Michigan?

Governor Granholm has raised taxes, during one of the worse economic times Michigan has seen in a long, long, time. Democrats have been running the local cities for decades. Foreclosures are skyrocketing, long time Michigan residents are leaving the state at almost 75,000 per year. Most are leaving for a better chance at living a free life, without the nanny state Politicians we are currently stuck with.

Most Michigan residents probably don't know that one of their own Congressman, Congressman John Dingell, D-Dearborn, has been pushing and is still pushing a new tax, nation wide, on gasoline. He doesn't want to screw you over with a gradual tax, he wants to sock it to you in one lump sum. John Dingell is calling for a $ .50 cent new tax on gasoline, for every gallon that you use. Never mind that Dingell represents Dearborn, and Detroit, you know, the freaking Car Capitol of the WORLD!! You know, the companies that he promises to protect every time he runs for re-election.

The price of gasoline must not be high enough for rich man John Dingell, who lives in a gated community, near Fairlane Mall in Dearborn, because we already pay PER GALLON $ .54 cents in federal taxation. Quick jab at my mental math calculator tells me that if I own a car/truck with a 20 gallon tank, $ 10.80 right off the top goes to the government for doing nothing. Add in the cost of state tax hidden in a gallon of gas, and it makes you wonder what is going on in this crazy state.

Had enough yet? Nope, well keep voting those Democrats in..look at Detroit. The wonderful Wizard of Oz Mayor is a home grown Democrat..and whats up with the new Black Panther Party coming here to pray with the Mayor? Is he a Black Muslim too?Someone might want to look into that..rumor has it his Daddy is.

And what are the Democrats planning to do right after the National Election? Pass higher prices onto consumers for electricity! That's right! We don't pay enough as it is!

Had enough of a Nanny State Government? Try to open a business! Hire a damn good lawyer, and pray! Ask the Showcase Cinema of Westland, Michigan just how hard it is to deal with Democrats on the City Council! They just built their Cinema about 10 years or so ago. Canton opens up a wonderful Emagine theater with alcoholic drinks and dining..

Showcase Cinema wanted to at least have a shot at competing with Emagine, but alas, could not get the city to let them have alcoholic beverages and a fine dining restaurant. That massive Cinema must not of paid enough taxes to the City, because the City said no.

HUH!??!! The city said NO??? Come on, you have to be pulling my leg! Nope! In a close vote, the city said no! Showcase Cinema is no longer open. The massive building will be empty forever more. Right up the street is a closed older Theater, Quo Vadis..but that's OK. The City likes abandon houses, and obviously abandon commercial buildings. Job well done Democrats!! Now there will be no taxes paid. Its over, and the Cinema never had a fighting chance with these morons.

Had enough YET, Michiganders? Or is this our destiny? A one state recession and so many rules and regulations that even being a home owner, it seems the government has more rights to our homes and our lives than we do! Are we all going to leave the state? I sure plan to, as soon as its possible.

Hows all those foreclosure stickers on houses all over the state looking? I admit, they use pretty orange and red stickers to point out to the world that not only is the house vacant, but that this state is a damn mess. You would think that would be illegal, since its private property no matter who owns it, bank or homeowner. But our little Democrat idiots have to have complete control. Just pay your taxes, and you better like it, and shut your mouth.

And how about the latest news article on welfare fraud? 100 million and counting, fraudulantly taken from the taxpayers, the state knows it, but does nothing..the latest account of fraud in this wonderful state involves a couple, with 4 children. Well, let me correct that, thats 4 children, 3 barely living. A little 2 year old boy died over a year ago from starvation and the parents BBQ'd him and stashed the body in the ceiling of the basement. They abused the rest, but continued to get welfare for over a year, for all 4. Look what feel good Democrat programs produce. And the best part is, food comes off of your table to pay for them! Remember to vote the BIG D!

And all the little idiots with a little d by your name, walking in lock step to the voting booths, while the rest of us want to run like hell, keep these morons in office. For that reason only, if I were to be truly mean, I would support Dingell's 50 cent a gallon tax. Since you don't have the brains you were born with, you deserve to pay it!

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