Saturday, March 8, 2008

Close the Detroit Zoo!


Asking the suburbs and tri-counties to levy a tax on homeowners is not the answer. Its just another blunder in the race to see who can be the most incompetent with our tax dollars. If the Zoo cant charge enough admission to cover their cost, they should not be open. Simply put, I dont want to pay to go to the Zoo twice. By putting a tax on my home, I will pay every year and not just when I go visit. Thats un-constitutional and its time to close its doors.

The mismanagement of the City of Detroit over its assets should come to an end..anything that the City of Detroit owns, should be funded by either the City of Detroit, or by charging admission at the gate. The citizens of Michigan are tired of being taxed to fund the Arts, Cobo Hall, the Zoo, the Water Dept, and every other idea to come down the pike. Government should own NOTHING. Its obvious they cant run City Hall, let alone all the other things they have their hands in.

And once again, government does what they do best, charge you to use something when you go visit, and charge you to use something when you dont. In this One State Recession, how can any politician come to the people and ask for more money after what Gov. Granholm just pulled on us?

Close it or sell it. Let it become privately owned, and watch it flourish, or make it into a golf course or something. The Toledo Zoo isnt that far away, and it wont cost us every year to use it. Just like Cobo Hall, if you cant charge enough in admission to keep it open, its not anything we need to keep. Obviously!

Taxpayers are tired of bailing out Detroit.

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