Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ted Nugent's Pig Farm destroyed by Michigan DNR

And where was our Governor? Governor Snyder, I ask, did you sign on to the destroying of Nugent's entire livestock which is not known to many, or the majority of Michigan citizens?

Yes, last year, the Michigan DNR forced Ted Nugent to destroy his entire pig and piglet stock. They were all shot in the head, with DNR watching the slaughter to insure it was carried out. The DNR claimed that these pigs were "feral" which is insane on so many levels.

Just imagine raising animals, tending them, and then one day an armed bunch of government agents come to watch you blow their brains out, even the babies. By force, and no one stepped in to stop the madness. The Motor City Madman told the story of what happened to him on GBTV, to Glenn Beck. It broke his heart.

Have you heard about it? Have you heard about this on the news? I sure didn't! Why not? Exactly the point, why not? Nugent wasn't the only one that his stock destroyed, but we can take a wild guess that was just cover to get at the Nuge and try to shut him up. And then we wondered why he said what he said about either being dead or in jail..

Where have all the MEN gone? Men are letting their women and children be molested at airports, turning the other cheek. I know this is not every man, but most are just saying this has to be done, instead of saying NO FRIGGING WAY will you touch my family!! You allow morons to search a babies diaper with no probable cause, to invade your wife's body cavities and breasts, or your mother and Grandmother, when in years ago these evil people would be missing half a face.

We want our Macho men back, we want our He-men back! No more Metrosexuals, no more sissy men, we want our men to protect us, stand up for us, be the rock of our family. The feminizing of our men is the most pitiful thing to ever catch on in this nation! Feminists act more like men then our men do and that is revolting! Why do we allow our women to act like men, and our men to act like women?

We should all be outraged at what happened to Ted Nugent, that our media and press ignored this story, and our politicians in Michigan are not screaming and changing the wrong that was committed! Don't you realize that if they are allowed to do this to Uncle Ted that they can do even more to you? What if they decide a certain breed of dog is "feral" or even worse?

Our freedoms are precious, it is our duty to protect them for our children and their children. What is wrong with people that keep looking the other way? Our government agencies are out of control, federal, state and local legislatures are out of bounds.

 Its insane what we have allowed to happen and its time to change every bat crap crazy rule, law and regulation that has been crammed down our throats!

And its time to stand up for Uncle Ted!

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