Thursday, December 19, 2013

Its cool to be gay??? Not cool to be a Duck Dynasty??

We have so many problems, so many things that could be fixed and Michigan we have the things that fairy tales are made of.

What are we all upset about today? Our Religion being flushed down the toilet? Yes. Our family values being flushed down the toilet? Yes! A program as good and healthy and Holy as Duck Dynasty ruling our day today? Yes. AND WHY? Please tell me people, WHY??

When did we give up our rights to others, to be mocked and ridiculed as Christians and we actually took it? The 70's? The80"s? When? When DID our men become metrosexual little wimps shaving their legs closer than we women do? When did we have to worry about them borrowing and never returning our jelwelry? What happened to the Macho Man? What happned to the HE man? When did we women (and mostly the lesbian feminists!) turned into men that had no idea what to do with us anymore! Ask one out, its sexual harassment! They quit,, some turned gay, hell at least the men want each other now because the women have ruined them!!

So now, we have DUCK DYNASTY, men that are all MEN. No tight jeans, no hips that wiggle better than the most sensual woman on earth and its pushed in our face whether we like it or not.

Christians are ready for this fight. I know you think we are all sitting back waiting for Jesus to come, but you are sadly mistaken. We will fight this war from all sides, whatever side we have to, because were done with being discriminated against. May it be swords, weapons, whatever we are blessed to have to do, this war is coming. I for one am not going alone, or on my knees. Im taking you with me..beware THE CHRSTIANS ARE COMING, WERE READY, AND WERE TIRED OF ALL THE BLASPHEMY. TAKE HEED..THIS LADY MEANS BUSINESS AND SO DO A WHOLE LOT OF MY MALE AND FEMALE FREINDS. GOD BLESS AND PROTECT US TO DO YOUR WILL. 

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