Saturday, February 23, 2013

Michigan Governor and Legislature-It is my Right to Carry a Handgun!

If you can legally buy a weapon in Michigan, why should you have to register like a criminal to carry it? Why should law abiding citizens have to provide finger prints to carry a legally purchased handgun?

The background check was already done, the local police department check was already done. Now if you want to carry your handgun, you get to submit finger prints and other information to carry it concealed. Ive done what they ask of me, done the training, paid for it, the certificate is sitting by me as I speak!

What holds me back? I feel like a criminal. Wait! Even the criminals don't give the Sheriff their fingerprints, so why do I have to? My record is clean, I have no mental problems. Why do I have to submit to fingerprinting, as a law abiding citizen of Michigan, will someone in our Michigan Government please tell me?

Why do I  have to submit to special orders that will be given to me quite forcefully, if I (God forbid!) get pulled over for a traffic violation? They already know I am not violent, I am not a felon, or I wouldn't have been able to purchase the weapon in the first place! This does not stop criminals and felons from committing the crime of owning a handgun and carrying it illegally!

As a product of the 60's and 70's, rebellion was sort of an upbringing for baby boomers. We  just take all these rules and regulations, shut up, never stand up anymore. Now, as I grow older, I find that obeying is disobeying..I drive the speed limit and obey the laws in every aspect. Want to know why?

I DO NOT want to give the local and state government any more money then they already take from me in taxation. The fines and penalties are way to much, the cost is outrageous to us and our liberties. So I now go out of my way to obey just to keep my own money, and the cost of what those tickets do to us each and every day in insurance payments, court payments, etc.

I try to be a model citizen, and what is my reward? If I want to carry a handgun concealed to protect myself and my family, I have to be fingerprinted like a criminal! Will they mug shot me? Oh wait, they have my picture already! Its on my drivers license, which by the way, is clean as the falling snow and ticket free since 1982. Accident free since 1971!

No felonies, no misdemeanors, no jay walking, nothing. Taxpaying, legal, Natural Born Citizen here, folks! I could be President, without having to give my fingerprints or have a background check!

Governor Snyder, Michigan legislature, please change these laws for the good guys in this state! Give us a break, get the criminal's fingerprints, lock them up! Leave the rest of us alone. It is our God-given right to protect ourselves under the Second Amendment.

Change this now and do the right thing!

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