Friday, July 10, 2009

Wayne Westland Schools use Mao!

Since many parents google schools to see the times and programs etc..I decided that my blog post below needed special keywords, for parents to see what this school district is up to. So every time someone Googles Wayne Westland schools, my blog will come up.

This is for the "uneducated" people like me, that would not ever use "Change Or Die" by Mao to represent a school district and why they are failing and losing enrollment.

If you want your Kindergarten children being taught that gay is OK, enroll them in Wayne/Westland schools. If you think using Mao, a Communist Dictator is a good thing, as in the article I posted below this one, enroll them in Wayne/Westland Schools.

If you think this is UNACCEPTABLE...Home School or enroll them in Livonia schools, or private schools, or whatever..

Its time to break the government school system and start all over. Tenure? NO THANKS! Pay based on good results? Yes!

Its all money to these folks..lets break the piggy bank one by one! When they finally start listening to parents, instead of their fellow comrades and left wingers, we will shut up!
Since taxpayers pay their salaries, and they make a nice buck for 180 days a year, they should answer to us. Until they do, lets let them die a slow death.

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