Thursday, July 9, 2009

Empty Out Michigan Schools!

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Once in a while I get bored and read the local Observer News to see just how screwed up we the people in Michigan are..THIS is on the front page of one of the cities the Observer covers, and not a word in the article about how shocking this is!

Citizens panel looks at W-W's future
By Sue Mason • OBSERVER STAFF WRITER • July 9, 2009

A photograph of Mao Tse Tung with the words “Change or Die” emblazoned across it sent a strong message to more than 100 people in the auditorium of the William D. Ford Career Technical Center last week: Things must change if the Wayne-Westland Community Schools are to thrive and prosper.

A Communist Dictator is their model, and no one says a word in the article that this is UNACCEPTABLE??

Ive said it many times, Ill say it again. HOME SCHOOL, PRIVATE SCHOOL, OR CHARTER SCHOOLS IS THE ANSWER! Take your kids out of this school district immediately! If you have to, put them in another city district school, and remember it is WW schools that want to teach your 5 year old how wonderful it is to be gay! That's right, they approved teaching the gay agenda to your Kindergarten kids! Isn't that nice? Let's use WW Schools as an example!

Now they promote a Communist Dictator's words because they are losing kids (the irony of that one!) and losing federal, state and local money! These OVERPAID Bozo's influence your children's minds! We are a free nation, free people! Look what they are doing to our children!

Pay attention America, before we lose our freedom completely! Start here! After this brazen example of Left Wing Moonbat thinking, we should be grabbing our kids and firing everyone in the school system and closing these schools forever! Local control? You betcha! At its finest!

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