Monday, July 20, 2009

Is It Time?

I see that the O-Nuts were visiting while I was away, and I see that the video of Dr. Orly Taitz with Major Cook is on Youtube..Dr orly, you are a blessing to this nation..This article is in the Canadian Free Press, and millions of people realize this is the truth. Its not that we are asking for it, it is being forced on us..I am going to post a few paragraphs, but read the whole article here!

Racially Motivated Violence
At every opportunity, the left is pushing the race card. The left MUST HAVE a divided nation at war with itself. It is the foundation of their power.

When people oppose Obama, it isn’t because he’s completely unqualified for office, or because his policies are aligned with Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky instead of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. It’s because “he’s black,” even though he isn’t “black.”

Yet it was Obama supporters who overlooked everything else to “make history” and elect a candidate strictly on the basis of his alleged race. No more blatant act of racism has ever taken place in America.

We already see a dramatic increase in random acts of racially motivated violence cropping up in cities across the country. ACORN and Black Panther types sense that this is their moment in history to put the “white man” in his proper place, under their jackboot. These folks DO NOT represent the black community. Only an extreme left violent portion of that community. In Obama’s words, “America is no longer a Christian nation, or even a sovereign nation.” In the words of his black nationalist brethren, “this is a black nation now!”

But with record gun and ammunition sales across the political spectrum, it’s not hard to see where other Americans are headed either.

As the economy is driven even further towards utter collapse by an endless flood of Marxist policies oozing daily from the filibuster-proof congress, it’s only a matter of days, weeks or maybe months at the outside, before people take to the streets in more than TEA Parties.

So, its not hard to see why we support Dr. Orly Taitz and why we would rather settle this in court, instead of on the streets of this nation. Its going to happen either way, it has a foregone conclusion, its just a matter of what conclusion you decide to pick. Its not going away any time soon, and calling us all racists wont stop this either. In fact it is infuriating most of us.

When it comes to choose, what are you prepared to do? Just like Pastor Manning said in his wonderful video, white people and patriotic people of all colors are armed. The NRA and the militias and normal folks are thinking the unthinkable. 70 Million armed white people and one Black the video. Pastor Manning is right. Pastor Manning, White Power and One Black Man, we welcome you! More than you know.

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