Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Time to go Kwame..GOODBYE!

With the Council voting to oust you no matter how they have to do it, or how much it costs, its time for you to tuck tail and save the city some money. After all, it was, and is you, that cost the city millions, and millions to cover up the antics of a juvenile.

If the rumor that you are going to resign is true, its about time. You are over, finished. You will accomplish nothing because the council will stop you every step of the way. Take your arrogant attorney Sharon McPhail along with you. Its time for you both to be off the payroll.

Say goodbye to the mansion, to the city credit card, to all the hotel rooms with spas and women, goodbye. You maxed them out anyway. So long, goodbye. Face your legal problems as a normal citizen and pay for them yourself, since you caused them yourself.

Go back to private life, humbly. The Pimp Daddy of Detroit is no more. It really wasn't funny then and it isn't funny now. Its going to be nice to watch you go. Hizzonner of Detroit needs to leave the building. Out the back door please.

And by the way, just WHO is Carmen Slowsky?

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