Monday, May 26, 2008

Looks like there may be Hope For Renters and Landlords!

Seems these so called "Rental Inspections" are getting kicked to the curb by the courts, as unconstitutional, and against privacy concerns and the rights of homeowners and renters. And its about time. Government needs to butt out of private citizens lives, and their homes, and their business.

Cities are suffering over these invasive laws, yet they cant stop trying to control everything that we do. The cities already charge more in taxation to own a rental home, now they want to see everything going on inside it, and make the landlords pay for that little scam on top of it all.

Here's a little story that may bring a few lawsuits here, to stop this madness and interference of government into private lives.

Minnesota Court Rejects Red Wing’s Requests To Inspect Homes

Lets all unite and take these matters to court. Its time to send a message to the cities in Michigan that are doing the same thing, that we don't want them in our homes, in our private lives, and in our wallets. Let the lawsuits begin!

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