Friday, May 25, 2007 rumor has it..

That after the fight on the View between Elizabeth and Fat ass Rosie, Rosie went back to her dressing room and tore it apart..oh if that doesn't make you chuckle!

Then her writer for the show, (she must of been upset also, first that her writing sucks, and then that poor Rosie had her back stabbed) drew mustaches on all the pictures of Elizabeth in the place.

Elementary School, my friends. Now, this has to make you laugh, since one site is even calling Rosie a Pouty Retard!! Oooh my! No Short Bus Comments necessary here.

One commenter ever went as far to say that a good mustache ride joke here would be fitting..but was too lazy or tired to try and think of one..Heh!

I'm sure that Rosie gets a wax on her upper lip anyway, so that she couldn't say that her galpal gets a rug burn..Oh heck..this is getting so trashy.

Mustache Ride anyone?

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